Chilean Onion crop

Chilean Onion crop grown with traditional irrigation

Interveg have been working with this beautiful country since 2003. Chile is the traditional supplier of large Spanish-type Brown Onions which enable 12 months supply.

Establishment of the crop takes place from May to July, before the previous season has finished. Therefore a high degree of advanced planning and cooperation with our principal customers is required.

Transplanting is carried out in September and October and the crops are grown with very little crop protection. Weeds are removed by hand and low rainfall means that diseases are usually not a problem.

Chilean grower's Fabian & Agronomist Luis

Chilean Onion grower’s Fabian & Agronomist Luis

Melt water from the Andes is stored in huge reservoirs and released as needed to irrigate the crops.

The stable summer climate with usually no rainfall from early December to April allows crops to be harvested in perfect conditions.

Organic production of Brown Onions has been started by Interveg to provide an alternative source of supply in May and June each year.

Our first arrivals reach UK shores in late March and continue into late May and early June for UK supermarket supply and large sizes for caterers and restaurants through our wholesale market network.