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Curt Robbins (Gooey Rabinski) – Health Cannabis Professional

Curt Robbins (Gooey Rabinski) – Health Cannabis Professional

Curt Robbins is a senior technical author with 28 many years of experience with developing complex and communications that are long-form. Present give attention to conformity documentation for cannabis businesses, including license and permit applications for cultivators, processors, suppliers, and dispensaries. Services include business and functional plans and business advertising security.

a history in instructional design and photography—as well as having developed 35+ publications and nearly 1,000 long-form articles—allows Rabinski to develop creative communications that are technical for their customers. Rabinski’s clients have actually included Denver Relief Consulting, AgDynamix, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Tall Occasions, USAA, Sun Microsystems, MERRY JANE, Nationwide City Bank, Northrop Grumman, Nationwide Insurance, and Secure Car Insurance Coverage. Continue reading