Barstool Sports Host Called Out as Cheater by Wife on social media marketing

Barstool Sports Host Called Out as Cheater by Wife on social media marketing

“I caught my better half giving communications to their mistress who he’s evidently been seeing since I have had been 8 months pregnant,” Caitlin Nugent Clancy claims

Barstool Sports host and writer Kevin Clancy has been accused by their spouse of cheating it’s all publicly playing out on social media on her with a “mistress” — and.

“Last evening since I was 8 months pregnant,” Caitlin Nugent Clancy wrote on her private Instagram, according to multiple reports including Page Six after I put my 2-year-old daughter and 6-month-old son to bed, I caught my husband sending messages to his mistress who he’s apparently been seeing. “Days he was at a hotel in Manhattan with her before I gave birth. Times he was then, too after I gave birth. The rug’s been pulled out of underneath me personally.”

She included, “The type, funny, relatable household guy we was thinking we married is obviously lower, more insecure and much more disrespectful like a hot potato behind her back so she’ll receive the same treatment I did than I ever imagined …. he’s already trashed her and dropped her. We never asked for my entire life and household become therefore general general general public, but I wished to set the reality straight before the general public humiliation starts. since I have understand it is likely to turn out anyway,”

Relating to ny frequent Information, she made the claims on Clancy’s @kfcbarstool account too, but who has since been deleted.

On Friday, the host tweeted, “My wife and I also are getting through a difficult time, I’m choosing to take care of it independently with regard to my young ones.” On Saturday, he used up with a video clip apologizing for ruining their household along with his life because he acted “selfishly” and“a coward that is russianbrides like.”

He asked for forgiveness and pledged to do something better for the benefit of his spouse of three-plus years and children.

“I would like to apologize rather than run and conceal from it,” he stated. “Some details i actually do think should stay personal in the interests of my young ones.”

I’m sorry to my partner and children and everyone We disappointed.

If the accusations surfaced on Friday, Barstool Sports creator Dave Portnoy released a statement that is video.

“i did son’t wish Barstool to be quiet right here,” he stated. “It sucks. I’ll say what everyone might be thinking KFC that is– comes being a scumbag right right here. But, once again, we don’t know any thing. I’m certain he’ll target as he views it’s about time… it is an extremely bad situation we wish didn’t happen.”

11 Scandals Just About Everyone’s Already Forgotten (Photos)

Today’s latest viral scandal that has every person outraged is United Airlines’ powerful elimination of a passenger from the journey.

Although, regrettably, we now have a good feeling everybody will sooner or later your investment terrible event because consider the history.

Joseph Kony

Anybody still keep in mind Kony?

An organization created to bring awareness to the Lord’s Resistance Army and their activities in Central Africa in 2012, a documentary titled “Kony 2012” was released by Invisible Children.

The movie had been element of a campaign to own Kony, the indicted war criminal and leader for the LRA, arrested by 2012. The video clip quickly distribute like wildfire.

P.S. Kony still hasn’t been captured.

We bet you or some one you realize has watched this video one or more times.

Donald Sterling

Ahh, the nice old LA Clippers that is former owner.

Their gf had recorded Donald Sterling taking place a racist rant where he informed her which he did not want her to create black colored individuals to the games or publish any pictures with black colored individuals on Instagram.

Sterling wound up receiving a very long time ban through the NBA and fined $2.5 million.

Nate Parker

Nate Parker’s movie “Birth of a country” got more attention than it bargained for after stealing the limelight during the 2016 Sundance movie Festival.

Great expectation surrounding the movie had been thwarted when Parker’s 1999 rape case resurfaced.

Although the manager ended up being never ever convicted, the scandal ended up being all anybody mentioned for months, finally impacting the movie’s package workplace success.

Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

Until you’re Donald Trump, no doubt you’ve currently forgotten about Hillary’s e-mails.

In 2015, it had been revealed that Clinton utilized an email that is private for formal communications while she had been the Secretary of State in the place of her formal e-mail host which can be on federal servers.

Many of the email messages she delivered on her private server included categorized and painful and sensitive information.

Her e-mails more or less took over her 2016 campaign that is presidential.

Wells Fargo

Lift up your hand in the event that you never canceled your account at Wells Fargo.

The banking giant made headlines in 2016 (plus some of 2017) after it absolutely was found that its workers had been producing an incredible number of fake records due to their customers and submitted over 500,000 credit card applications all without having the client’s knowledge.

It had been a big mess. Over 5,000 workers had been fired and from now on two executives that are former forced to pay $75 million.


Long ago whenever into the good old fashioned times of 2001, Enron had been the 7th biggest business when you look at the U.S. as well as its shares had peaked at about $90 a share.

How did this company get therefore huge? As it committed fraudulence by lying about its profits and losses which fundamentally caused its shares to seriously plummet to $0.67 a share and lots of lower-level workers more or less lost their life cost cost savings.

Volkswagen Emissions (a.k.a. Dieselgate)

Well, that one’s a doozy.

In 2015, the usa Environmental Protection Agency unearthed that Volkswagen had put a device that is”defeat inside their vehicles offered into the U.S. that could identify once they had been being lab tested for emissions and would case the automobile to pass inspections.

United Airlines Leggingsgate

One or two hours weeks hence, United Airlines arrived under fire for maybe perhaps maybe not enabling two girls to board the air plane since they had been dressed inappropriately — these people were putting on leggings.

A bystander tweeted in regards to the event which wound up going viral and also caught the interest of Chrissy Teigen.

The flight endured by its actions, stating that the people were utilizing “buddy passes” and for that reason had to follow the flight’s gown code for the workers.

Rachel Roy (a.k.a. Becky with all the hair that is good

Soon after Beyonce dropped her album that is latest “Lemonade,” the beyhive assumed that the “Becky utilizing the good locks” lyric in “Sorry” was about Rachel Roy and collected that she had been Jay-Z’s side-chick.

The reason behind the presumption? Roy posted an Instagram picture and captioned it “Good hair don’t care, but we shall simply simply take good illumination, for selfies, or self truths, constantly. are now living in the light #nodramaqueens.”

Works out, Roy was not Becky. Really, nobody ended up being Becky.

Trump University

The President’s for-profit-college (when you can also actually phone it a university) was at appropriate difficulty after it absolutely was sued for defrauding clients.

Trump University ended up being advertised as a means for pupils to master Trump’s company methods for spending within the estate that is real, but none for the instructors had been really chosen because of the company mogul and some had really gone bankrupt prior to.

It had been reported that the college and its own trainers had been taught to simply sell “expensive generic seminars.”

Trump ended up spending a $25 million settlement.

Save Darfur

Quick, somebody let me know where Darfur is.

In 2004, the Save Darfur Coalition is made to boost understanding in regards to the Sudanese government’s human being legal rights violations in the nation’s western area of Darfur.

The federal government was forcing tribes that are non-Arab Darfur away through terrible functions like murder, rape and pillaging.

The campaign went viral and caught many individuals’s attention also it was all for the cause that is good.

P.S. The war in Darfur continues to be taking place today.

Keep in mind Hillary’s emails?

Today’s latest viral scandal that has everybody else outraged is United Airlines’ powerful elimination of a passenger from the journey.

Although, unfortuitously, we now have a feeling that is good will ultimately your investment terrible event because consider the background.

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